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Commercial & Industrial Rust Removal Services in Australia


Rust removal services involve the removal of rust from metal surfaces such as structural steel beams, metal equipment, and machinery, without affecting the integrity of the surface. Such services are deployed for restoring industrial, commercial, and residential metal equipment and structures. To avoid metallic surfaces from acquiring rust in the future, the process usually involves the application of a non-corrosive material onto the metal surface, after rust removal.


Did you happen to be searching for ‘rust removal services near me?’ If so, your search ends here. Australian Steel Coating provides specialist surface preparation services for commercial and industrial machinery and structures, including rust removal services in Melbourne. Our team of highly trained and skilled tradesmen uses state of the art blasting technologies, and materials, to provide this service.  


No matter where your structure or equipment is located, the ASC team can provide on-time and on-site corrosive and rust removal services. We remove rust from a variety of hard surfaces including metals and steel using quality abrasive sandblasting technologies. Whether you have rusted industrial machinery or structural steel beams, among others, our revolutionary rust removal sandblasting technology, coupled with our skilled tradesmen, leaves you with a polished and clean surface.

What Rust Removal Technologies Does ASC Use?


We believe in delivering nothing but the best. While we are always on the lookout for new and innovative methods of surface preparation, we implement the best available abrasive methods for removing rust or corrosion from metal surfaces. We also focus on ensuring we are selecting the right abrasive media, depending on the nature of the surface to be prepared.


Each material has unique chemical properties, and as specialists in our field, we only select the abrasive media that are compliant with the surface material, to ensure that it will not create any adverse effects. Our choice of sandblasting methods and media also depends on the environmental demands of the structure. We ensure that all abrasive media used on metal surfaces are OHS compliant.

Why Choose ASC For Rust Removal? 

We are one of the most valued, and highly regarded, surface preparation companies in Melbourne. We provide high quality and efficient abrasive blasting, steel coating, and passive fire protection services – all under one roof. Along with investing heavily in our team and our equipment, we have also invested in our cloud platform – which enables our customers to acquire, review and pay for our services all on their phones. All of this also comes at very competitive prices.

ASC provides dustless rust removal services for commercial and industrial structures (both interior and exterior), industrial sites, machinery and equipment, vehicles, fences, boats and marine parts, balustrades/railings, and staircases, among others. In addition to that, should our clients require it, we also provide anti-rust material (zinc, epoxy coatings) and passive fire protection coating services.

We are completely mobile and provide our sandblasting services in Melbourne, and across Victoria. We believe in a long-term business relationship and as such the bulk of our business comes from referrals from clients we have serviced. So, if you are looking for reliable and efficient rust removal services, click on the ‘Request Quote’ button for a free rust removal quote within minutes – completely online!


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