Industrial Powder Coating

Commercial and Industrial Powder Coating Services in Australia

Powder coating is an innovative method of applying a decorative and protective finish to different metal structures; used on industrial sites and commercial premises.

Powder coating involves spraying a dry powder consisting of pigment, plastic resin, and fillers, electrostatically onto a metal surface. The surface is then placed into an oven to allow the powder to react and fuse onto the surface of the object, resulting in a smooth coating. The result is a durable, high quality, and abrasion-resistant coating.

If you were searching for ‘industrial powder coating near me’, your search ends here. We provide high-quality powder coating services for commercial and industrial machinery and structures in Melbourne and across Victoria. Our team of highly knowledgeable and skilled tradesmen has the ability to produce colour-durable quality finishes on any type of metal surface.

Australian Steel Coating adheres to all environmental and OHS regulations strictly, and as such we only use materials that are environmentally friendly and non-hazardous. From sandblasting and cleaning the surface, to coating with our high-quality coatings, we do it all. Get in touch today for durable, high quality, attractive, and wear and tear-resistant powder coating services.

Benefits of Powder Coating Services?

Powder-coated metal surfaces are more resistant to scratches, chipping, fading, and regular wear than other finishes. Unlike liquid finishes, powder coating doesn’t contain any solvent, such as volatile organic compounds, so it is environmentally safe to use. Even if someone comes into contact with a powder coating, they won’t feel any irritation. Besides the air extraction in a powder spray booth, it costs a lot less than a solvent-based finish; therefore, it is also more cost-effective.

Why Choose ASC for Powder Coating?

We are a high-quality and service-oriented company, that strives to provide only the best powder coating services to our clients across Victoria. Our fully equipped and specialised facility in Melbourne and our onsite abilities place us in a unique position to service a wide range of clients.

We offer end to end surface preparation and preservation services, including state of the art sandblasting and fire protection services for concrete and metal structures. We specialise in protecting industrial and commercial assets, infrastructure, and equipment.

ASC Powder Coating Offerings:

We provide powder coating services for any piece of metal that can resist the heat and is not resistant to powder coatings, including railing, staircases and fencing, piping and tubing, display frames, stores and warehouses, automotive components, tools and equipment, outdoor furniture and facilities, marinas and boats, floats, and utility trailers.
We work with high-tech powder coating and sandblasting instruments to ensure that our end results are durable, high quality, attractive, and resistant to wear and tear. We have access to, and can supply, a wide range of colours and finishes that are ideal for your coatings, and include any colour that you would like to use.

Do you provide powder coating services near me?

Yes. ASC provides powder coating services in Melbourne and across Victoria. We are completely mobile and online. Request a quote online now and we will send you our service details.


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