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Australian Steel Coating specialises in applying high quality passive fire protective (PFP) services in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications to ensure the stability and preservation of the building structure in an event of a fire.
Our solutions include; vermiculite fire spray, intumescent paint, fire retardant board, duct protection and fire stopping penetrations which are tested in Australia by leading certified authorities by strict Australian fire protection standards and comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
ASC preparation includes sandblasting at class 2.5 or 3 (pending the steel requirement) in order to apply our specialised Fire Coating systems to achieve a Fire Resistance Level for up 2hours at a maximum of 500 degrees celsius. We offer zinc coatings, micaceous iron oxide, epoxy primers, siloxane coatings, high temperature coatings, non-slip coatings and polyurethanes.
ASC work closely with architects, engineers, building surveyors, consultants, designers, builders and allied trade contractors and are confident that no matter your requirements, our team have the skillset and experience to complete the job to the highest possible standards.

Fire Retardant Coating

Australian Steel Coating prides itself in its meticulous approach, quality materials and fully trained team of specialists. Our team are experienced in applying fire retardants on structural steel and industrial equipment, and always ensure that our work is completed to the highest of standards.
We specialise in offering protective fire-retardant solutions based on the nature and specification of the steel used in the structure and the surrounding environment.
As specialists in our field, we use certified structural steel protection technologies, to minimise structural damage and prevent the spread of smoke and flames. We strictly adhere to fire safety codes of practice and regulations and follow a rigorous process when installing fire retardants to achieve the required fire resistance level (FRL).

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Intumescent Painting & Coating

Australian Steel Coating specialise in sourcing and applying high quality intumescent paints on structural steel, that adheres to all fire safety regulations and the Building Code of Australia. We work with your architects, engineers and contractors to ensure your steel structure is provided with the best fireproof paint for steel, while maintaining its visual appeal.
There are various intumescent paints available on the market with varying specifications, uses, properties and abilities. to name a few in broad;

  • Thin film, water-based intumescent coatings
  • Advanced, hybrid technology intumescent coatings
  • Epoxy based intumescent coatings

ASC use an extensive range of fire-resistant intumescent paints that are suitable for internal and external application on steel structures and provide protection when reaching up to 500 degrees C for up to two hours during flamed period. As specialists in our field we can provide you with the best intumescent coating recommendations.


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