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Professional Paint Removal Services Melbourne

Professional paint removal services involve removing various types of paints or coatings from a surface, including powder coatings, epoxy coatings, and lubricative coatings, among others. Australian Steel Coating provides professional paint stripping services to commercial and industrial sectors throughout Melbourne, and across Victoria.

If you were searching for a ‘paint removal service near me’, your search ends here. As leaders in our sector, we have the expertise and infrastructure to take on a range of simple and complex, commercial and industrial, paint stripping projects. We can remove single or multiple layers of paint from concrete and metal surfaces. We use innovative sandblasting methods, specific to the nature of the surface, so we don’t cause any damage to the surface.

Most paint stripping projects are a part of bigger restoration projects that also involve repainting and recoating. Our highly trained and certified team of paint removal professionals work meticulously to ensure that the surface is immaculately cleaned and ready for repainting or recoating.

The paint stripping market in Melbourne is full of businesses that claim to provide the same service as we do. However, we stand out from the crowd because of our processes, attention to detail, specialisation, and our highly skilled team.

Our Paint Removal Technology & Surfaces

Australian Steel Coating uses advanced abrasive blasting technologies to remove paints and coatings. Our team of experts determines the specific method and media needed, by considering the onsite conditions and the environmental conditions near where the surface is located.

We strictly comply with all national and local environmental protection, and OHS regulations, when performing any stripping services. As such we prefer eco-friendly wet and dry sandblasting technologies, as they produce 50% less waste and reduce 95% of the dust in your surroundings.

ASC can remove paint from a wide range of hard surfaces including both metal and steel structures such as staircases, offshore and onshore industrial equipment, concrete structures, steel beams, commercial buildings and structures, vehicles, and ships, among others. No matter if your surface is delicate or tough – we can strip any paint by using the most appropriate sandblasting medium.

Do You Remove Lead Paint & Line Marks?

Yes, we can remove lead paint from your infrastructure and dispose of it as per standard environmental and OHS regulations. ASC deploys trained and certified lead paint removal experts that follow all necessary guidelines and remove the paint while wearing the appropriate PPE suits, and then use decontamination showers. Our meticulous approach ensures that the health and safety of all individuals around the site is not compromised.

ASC also provides line removal services in Melbourne and surrounding areas for residential, commercial, and industrial sites including warehouses, carparks, roads, and factories. Our mobile sandblasting services remove paint lines without damaging the original surface.

Is Your Paint Removal Service Available Near Me?

Yes, ASC provides mobile paint removal services in Melbourne, and across Victoria. Send us the details of your project by clicking on the ‘Request Quote’ button and once approved, our team will be on their way. Get a team of professional paint removers to work on your project today! 


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