How to protect your metal and steel surfaces against rust and corrosion?

Metal and steel materials are commonly used throughout the construction and manufacturing industries to build a range of structures and machinery. They are used mainly because they are widely available, durable, and strong materials. However, this doesn’t mean that their surfaces cannot be exposed to rust and corrosion over time.

It is crucial to protect your steel surfaces, before they are exposed to rust and corrosion, rather than trying to fix it, once the damage is already done. Protecting your surfaces ensures the longevity of your machinery or infrastructure.

However, if you are unsure exactly how to protect your surfaces then we can help you out. There are many options for industrial painting that can protect your steel and metal surfaces against all kinds of damage. Industrial painting is an investment that will safeguard and preserve your structures and equipment. Whether you are protecting machinery, steel structures or it’s for industrial application on multi-faceted and complex sites, there is always an option available to you.

At Australian Steel Coatings, we can offer you a wide range of coating options. When it comes to industrial painting for preventing rust and corrosion on your metal and steel surfaces. The two most common options are powder coating or anti-corrosion coating.

The anti-corrosion coatings act as a barrier between a metal and its environment and protects steel surfaces from rust, corrosion, and other contaminating substances, including moisture, oxidation, and a wide range of environmental factors and industrial chemical reactions. This will ensure the longevity of machinery and infrastructure to increase durability and increase the lifespan of the surfaces. With this kind of industrial painting, all degrading elements present in the vicinity of your steel structure need to be taken into consideration in order to ensure that your coasting is going to be of the highest possible standard. This can be used on a range of surfaces including boat motors, playgrounds, beachfront homes, internal structural beams, and more. Our anti-corrosion coating also does a lot more than protect from corrosion. It also repels water and other fluids, fends off fungi, algae, and moss protects against weather including acid rain, saltwater, ice, and other environmental reactions, and is also chemical resistant.

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The second option for protecting your steel structures and machinery is powder coating. Powder coating is crucial in avoiding additional corrosion, and provides abrasion and chemical resistance, UV stability, and increases the longevity of your surfaces. Powder coating can be tougher than many conventional paints, and also creates a hard finish that leaves a highly attractive finish to stainless steel structures. It is also considered an environmentally friendly option to increasing the lifespan of your steel surfaces.

It ultimately ensures that the coating result is uniform, durable, high quality, attractive, and resistant to wear and tear.

No matter what surface you need to protect, Australian Steel Coating will collaborate closely with you and your team to understand your painting requirements and also provide specialist advice on every kind of industrial coating option.

It is essential that you undertake a proactive approach to protecting your metal and steel surfaces from rust and corrosion. By getting an industrial coating put on your surfaces before they are exposed to any environmental factors, you will be guaranteeing that your surfaces will avoid corrosion and rust early on in their lifespan and ensures the longevity of your surfaces.

For all of your industrial coating needs, Australian Steel Coating has you covered.

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