Glass Bead Blasting

Commercial & Industrial Glass Bead Blasting Services in Australia

Glass Bead Blasting is an innovative process of removing surface deposits through the application of glass beads at high pressure. Using glass beads as a method of sandblasting is less aggressive and can remove deposits from a wide range of surfaces without damaging them. This abrasive blasting method is useful in removing various types of deposits from metal, glass, rubber, plastics and wooden surfaces.

Bead blasting is one of the most popular and safest sandblasting methods in Australia, and across the world. It is because of its quality and safety that it is used in a variety of industries including automotive, food, and pharmaceutical companies, among others.

Glass bead blasting is ideal for quick cleaning, finishing, peening and deburring applications without significant metal removal. The glass beads used in the process are chemically inert and as a result do not leave any undesirable residues on the material’s surface.

Since it is non-toxic and environment friendly, it is considered as a better blasting method for removing heavy paint, rust and mineral deposits. Australian Steel Coatings provides high quality commercial and industrial bead blasting services to a wide range of industries in Melbourne and across Australia. Get in touch today for a quick quote.

What Are The Benefits of Glass Bead Blasting Services?

Glass bead blasting has many benefits for any client. For clients it provides an aesthetically pleasing smooth finish, and a clean surface that is free from any type of contamination; and since the beads are inert, it doesn’t react with any other materials. Therefore, it provides our clients with a clean surface that is free of any contamination.

Most sandblasting service providers in Melbourne and across Australia, prefer to use glass beads as a media for commercial and industrial sandblasting projects because of its inertness, sustainability, environment friendliness and safety. Glass beads are also more cost efficient because they can be recycled up to six times, so they don’t only help in reducing costs, but waste as well. Also, since they don’t contain silica, which is considered a long-term health hazard, they are safe for service providers as well.

Which Industries Can Benefit From Our Glass Bead Blasting Service?

Glass bead sandblasting is ideal for cleaning a wide range of surface materials including steel, stone, wood, fiberglass, aluminium and steel. Some industries for which we provide this service to, in Australia, include shipping, automobile, aviation, construction, defence, dairy, petroleum, railway and more.

Are you unsure if glass bead blasting will be beneficial for you? Get in touch with our abrasive blasting specialists and we will help you to decide which type of abrasive blasting services will fit your requirements. Your search for qualified and highly trained commercial, and industrial, glass bead sandblasting services in Australia ends here. Get in touch with us today to request a quote or to discuss your project requirements. We offer our services in Melbourne and across Victoria – onsite or offsite.


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